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Stateswoman to the World

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written by Maryann N. Weidt
illustrated by Lydia M. Anderson
Carolrhoda, 1991
ISBN: 0-8761-4663-9, library binding
ISBN:  0-8761-4562-4, paperback

Although best known as the wife of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Eleanor was a skilled politician and journalist in her own right. She worked for justice and world peace throughout her career.

At the age of sixty-one, she represented the United States at the first United Nations Assembly. There she oversaw the writing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Maryann says:

Eleanor Roosevelt was a woman of such great accomplishment that I had difficulty choosing which incidents to include and which to omit. One of my favorite scenes, and one which I always point out to school groups, is when Eleanor walks into the NAACP meeting. Blacks are sitting on one side of the room, whites on the other. She places a chair in the middle and sits down. I never have to explain to the children what Eleanor implied with that simple act.

Young Eleanor

"In short, readable chapters Weidt recounts Roosevelt's lonely childhood and strict upbringing, her marriage to Franklin, and the years after his death. Occasional quotes from letters or other primary sources enliven the text and help personalize the subject."

"Maryann Weidt presents a fast-paced and remarkably complex account of Eleanor Roosevelt's life....Weidt makes the text readable, moreover, by including anecdotes about Eleanor's foibles (she sometimes peeked into friends' medicine cabinets)...."

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